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Campine description in The Australian Poultry Standards 2nd Edition

Posted by Peter Shands on July 18, 2012 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (80)

The Second Edition of the Australian Poultry Standards distributed in June 2012 sees amendments to the Australian Standard for the Campine Breed.

At the time the current description was amended there was no representative group for the Campine Breed in Australia that could submit suggestions of changes that might be made to the First Edition of the Australian Poultry Standards.

There was however a combined submission made by pre-eminant Australian Campine Breeders Ross Summerell (Qld) Bill Summerell (NSW) and John Hobbs (SA) in 2005. It appears these gentlemen's submission was not considered in the modification of the original Standard.

Despite this changes have been made.

It should be said that despite the fact that changes were made without apparrant reference by the Editorial Committee to Campine Breeders we have been advised there was no intention of seeing the characteristics of the Campine breed modified. Some changes however are of concern to Campine Breeders today and this situation has been catalytic in the re-establishment of the Campine Club of Australia (2012).

The intention of our foundation members is to develop a document that complements the descriptions contained in 2nd Edition of the Australian Poultry Standards and clarifies the ambiguities in the Campine Breed Description for Breeders and Judges.

For more information go to CONTACT US and use the contact form please.

Peter Shands

Re-establishment of the The Campine Club of Australia (2012)

Posted by Peter Shands on July 18, 2012 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (50)

Today I have done my best to initiate a flow of information that will facilitate the re-establishment of the Campine Club of Australia which was originally formed in the early 1900's and lapsed in the early 1940's.

The vision of a number of current day Campine Breeders is to see the re-invigourated Campine Club foster the preservation, keeping and quality of the Campine fowl in Australia and throughout the world.

We welcome any communication regarding the Campine and we plan with your help, to build a quality resource base and contact network that enhances the ability of all those with interest in the Campine to enjoy all this breed can offer, and to exhibit and distribute the highest quality birds they can.

This will require a collaborative effort and significant commitment from many over time. The foundation members of The Campine Club of Australia (2012) have the passion, capacity and commitment to get us off to a flying start.

We do hope you will join us on this journey.


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